A Calm, Color-Mixing iOS Game

Spring 2014


Jason Leung

James Phillips

Kevin Yao

Complements is a casual, procedurally generated puzzle game for iOS that I worked on with a small team. Players swipe the screen to send cascades of colored dots across the board, where they’ll interact with the dots that are already there. When two primary-colored dots collide, they’ll mix to create a secondary-colored dot (a red dot and blue dot will leave a purple dot). When two secondary-colored dots collide, they’ll leave a dot of the primary color that the two secondary colors share (a purple dot and a green dot will leave a blue dot). When two complementary colored dots collide, a chime will play, the dots will mix into a white dot, and the player gets points. We put a color wheel at the bottom of the screen, for players who aren’t as familiar with the RYB pigment color wheel that we decided to use for the game, as opposed to the RGB system more common in computing.

iOS Simulator Screen shot May 7, 2014, 2.29.31 AM


We were very concerned with polish and aesthetics while making Complements. We knew that, from a programming perspective, the gameplay that we were proposing wouldn’t be terribly difficult to implement. Rather than see this as an excuse to do less work, we decided to put that extra time and effort into polish. The game has very soothing background music, which can be turned on and off via the options menu. We worked very hard on the overall look and feel, and are very proud of the smoothness of our animations, as well as the clean, modern aesthetic.