A Sports Game Where You Play As The Net

Winter 2012/2013 – Fall 2013


Angela Wu

Corinne Taylor

Gwynna Forgham-Thrift

James Phillips

Sam DiBella

Freezeball is a lighthearted, playground-style game that I worked on with a group of friends. It started as final project for an Intro Game Design course through the NYU Game Center, but we continued actively working on it for nearly a year. It was featured in the Game Center’s 2012/2013 Student Showcase.



Players are separated into two teams, composed of one net and several shooters. Everyone is free to run around the field, but when the shooter with the ball calls “FREEZE!” everybody is required to freeze in place until the shooter takes a shot and the ball hits the ground. You can check out our full rule set here, where you’ll also find lots more pictures from some of our early playtests. You can also see the game in action in this awesome video we made!